Here at The Jerusalemite Youth Cultural Forum we have several activities throughout the year, such as:


One of the main focus for our forum is the Palestinian traditional Dabka dancing. Thus, we in the forum has been teaching this tradition and passing it to the next generation to preserve it.


Cultural Nights

We invite figures in different fields to share with us their experiences, read their poems, read their books and tell us about their long journey in serving the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause.


Summer Camps

During summer holidays the forum welcomes the children for summer camp programs. The children would have a variety of activities to help them develop their abilities and skills. They would also enjoy their time with highly qualified facilitators who are well trained to deal with the children professionally.



The participants usually have the chance to come up with different initiatives that would serve the local community. They come up with these initiatives to fit with their needs.

Youth workshops

One of the targeted groups is the youth, that is why the forum organizes different workshops in cooperation with active Palestinian organizations to provide our youth with different tools to be able to face the challenging world, they are going to enter in the future.


Educational programs

To make sure that we would be able to serve different targets we organize a number of educational programs for high school and Tawjiki students to help them in their schools.

Art school

One of the new objections that we have set is to reach out to every child who is interested in art and music. That is why we opened an art school on the 15th of September 2018 to teach our children to play different musical instruments like violin, oud and percussion.