غير مصنف

“Jerusalem in the eyes of its children”

The Jerusalemite Cultural Forum announces a photo competition “Jerusalem in the eyes of its children”. The competition targets the children and the youth of Jerusalem between 8 and 21 years old. The competition aims to urge the participants to visit different locations in Jerusalem to highlight its beauty, history, Islamic and Arabic culture. Thus, the participants would get the chance to be exposed to the beauty and positiveness of the holy city despite of the occupation daily acts that aim to break the fabric of the Jerusalemite society, and empty the city from its native Palestinian citizens to give the greedy settlers the opportunity to over control the old city. This competition would implant the love of the city into the warm heart of our children and would certainly strengthen and rebind them to their beloved city, and be the builders of the bright future and preservers of its culture, history and holiness.

The Forum is grateful for all the funders and friends who are generously supporting this competition, especially The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, The Islamic Development Bank through “UNDP” and Mr. Munir Kalouti from MAAN Institution.

There are financial prizes for the first three in the three different groups as well as an exhibition for the public on the same day of showing results. For more information and registration please visit our Facebook page:


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